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Monday, February 7, 2011

Media Censorship in Scotland

Media Censorship in Scotland

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement Scotland condems the deliberate censorship of Irish Republicans by the Scottish media. The 32CSM were contacted by a reporter from the Sunday Mail asking for a statement on the growth of Irish Republicanism in
Scotland and about the Bloody Sunday commemoration in both Glasgow & Derry to which we replied. The Sunday Mail then took the option to censor our report by not printing it after they said they would. It would seem freedom of speech only applys to some. The 32CSM Scotland has taken the decision to release the statement which was issued and can be found below.

Irish Republicanism in
Scotland has witnessed significant growth over the past few years in Scotland. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM) is proud that we have been at the forefront of it working with other progressive Irish republicans. We are firmly established here in Scotland with the Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann and the Vol Charles Carrigan RFB, and boast a large number of members from all over Scotland from Aberdeen - Edinburgh. The role of Republicans in Scotland is mainly to raise awareness of issues which occur in Ireland highlighting the ongoing denial of Irish National Sovereignty, which former republicans failed to secure in their pursuit for power and a seat at Westminster.

Further out one of our main issues is to highlight the ongoing mistreatment of Irish Republican Prisoners Of War in
Maghaberry & Portlaoise, France, & Lithuania, it must be remembered these prisoners are there because the cause of the conflict remains, the denial of Irish National Sovereignty. The recent disclosure of State papers clearly shows that the issue of republican prisoners was a cornerstone in British strategy to undermine our struggle. They clearly show how Dublin also collaborated to achieve the same end. This collaboration now has an added dimension in that former comrades are now part of the British establishment in Ireland. That establishment takes it for granted that its members collaborate in the wider British interest. The 32CSM have openly called on the PSF leadership to come clean and to stop talking out of both sides of their mouths. They should be transparent and state the obvious; it is their regime which is inflicting this degradation on republican prisoners. Is this the so called peaceful alternative to Irish unity? It is your actions that define you, not your words, overt or otherwise.

The 32CSM hold fund-raisers for the POW's & we also campaign on other social issues such as - The cuts, Student protests & do all we can to campaign against drugs in our communities. The 32 CSM in
Scotland work alongside Scottish Republicanism actively supporting campaigns for an Independent Scotland free from English rule and has attended some events such as the Glencoe Massacre Commemoration & The Annual John MacLean Rally.

The Republican Movement as a whole in Scotland has split in two different directions much like Ireland, which most people refer to the GFA way of constitutional nationalism, and the Irish republican way, its fair to say that Irish Republicanism as a whole is starting to grow day by day in Scotland as more and more people start to wake up and realise that Provisional Sinn Fein misled the Irish republican base in Scotland.. The Irish cause has always had strong links with
Scotland going back hundreds of years; Scotland has also produced one of Ireland's most famous son's, Easter Rising 1916 hero, James Connolly who was born in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh on the 5th of June 1868. Scottish Republicans have always been well looked upon by our Irish comrades for our hard work on raising attention to certain issues through the years and fund-raising. Hopefully Republicanism in Scotland will continue to stay strong over the next few years which will prove pivotal in which direction The Republican movement as a whole in Ireland is going to go.

This year 2011 marks the 39th anniversary of Bloody Sunday (
30th January 1972) when British paratroopers murdered 14 innocent civilians who were out on a Civil Rights demonstration in Derry's Bogside area. Just last year 2010 the Saville Report was finally issued and it concluded that soldiers of the British Army’s 1 PARA unit had 'lost control' and were to blame for the murders of the innocent civilians.

Every year there are annual events to commemorate those who died in
Derry and there is also an annual parade in Glasgow. This year could well be set to be the last ever Bloody Sunday Commemoration in both Ireland & Scotland after the outcome of the Saville Report. This year’s parade is being seen as more of a 'celebration of justice' parade rather than the usual 'march for justice'. This years Glasgow parade takes place on Sunday 23rd January, the week before the main one in Derry. The main parade in Derry on Sunday 30th January, will be attended by both The Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann and our comrades from The Gaughan/Stagg Cumann in England. There are many more Irish Republicans in Scotland that will also be making the trip for what could be the last time this event takes place, Its always a very well attended event that people from all over Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales & Further a field travel to year after year. Lets hope that this year is the best yet !

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