Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Republican Voice

Members of both the Vol Charles Carrigan Cumann and the Gaughan/Stagg Cumann successfully distributed the Sovereign Nation at Celtic Park with our members reporting all copies taken by interested fans, literally minutes of the start of the distribution. The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from fans confirmed the hunger that exists amongst the republican base for genuine republicanism and the degree of support that exists for the 32CSM and Irish resistance to Britain's illegal hold over part of Ireland.

Despite the attempts by Strathclyde Police to stop our members distributing the Sovereign Nation and the threat of arrest, including the spurious assertion made by one policeman to one of our members that he would be arrested if he was seen again distributing an "illegal paper", our members would not be intimidated and continued to distribute the Sovereign Nation.

We believe the appetite for the genuine republican voice in Scotland meant we could have distributed three or four times as many papers and our members will be continue to distribute the Sovereign Nation at Celtic Park and in Glasgow's East End in future.


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