Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann

Monday, May 24, 2010

Volunteer Charles Carrigan Republican Flute Band

The 32CSM in Scotland are proud to announce the formation and launch of the Volunteer Charles Carrigan Republican Flute Band. The VCCRFB is fully equipped, due to the hard work of 32CSM members and the invaluable support of 32CSM, and is ready to start regular practices as we prepare the RFB for a busy period of marches and events in Scotland and Ireland and in furthering republicanism and supporting the 32CSM and our Irish POWs.

RFBs have a long tradition of involving, educating and politicising young working class men and women around republicanism and we are sure the VCCRFB will continue in this vein. We are sure the VCCRFB will be a credit to the cause and the 32CSM.

The band is currently comprised of both experienced musicians and very keen learners and we are open to recruitment for people of all ages and abilities, including learners. To join the VCCRFB we ask that new members be broadly in support of the aims of the 32CSM and in genuine republicanism and are prepared to work with discipline and commitment and are prepared to give a couple of hours to practice regularly. The VCCRFB is open to all irrespective of colour, creed, nationality, religion etc and anyone wishing to find out more about the VCCRFB should email us at


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